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Vehicle Rental

In addition to offering buses and coaches for sale, any vehicle in our stock can be made available for long or short term rental


Totally flexible rental options available.

Select the vehicle and the period that best suits your requirements, with rental periods available from 1 month to 5 years

Option To Purchase

Alternatively you can select a “Rent to Buy” rental giving you the flexibility of choosing to return the vehicle after the last rental payment is made … or you can chose to purchase the vehicle instead.  (The purchase price being at a pre-determined figure agreed at the commencement of the rental).

Rental Enquiry

To enquire about vehicle rental please complete the following form:

    Rental FAQs

    Who is responsible for repairing and maintaining the vehicle?

    You would be responsible for repairing and maintaining the coach throughout the rental period, with the coach being required to be returned at the end of the rental period in the same condition as at collection; fair wear and tear accepted.

    In short, you should operate, maintain and repair the vehicle, treating it with exactly the same care and attention as if it were one of your own vehicles

    Who is responsible for insuring the vehicle?

    You would be responsible for maintaining fully comprehensive insurance on the vehicle throughout the rental period.

    When are the rental payments taken?

    The first rental payment is taken when the vehicle is delivered (at the same time as the security deposit). Subsequent payments are then taken on the same date each month, commencing one month later,  until the end of the rental period.

    When Would I Get The Security Deposit Back?

    This is refunded immediately at the end of the rental period, providing the coach is returned in the same condition (fair wear and tear accepted), or adjusted pro rata for any outstanding damage.

    If you have chosen a “Rent to Buy” rental and decide to purchase the vehicle at the end of contract, the deposit would be refunded in full irrespective of the vehicle condition.

    What Initial Security Deposit Would I have to pay?

    This varies slightly depending on the vehicle chosen, however the security deposit is normally around £3,000. This would be required to be paid in advance of the vehicle being delivered. (VAT is not charged on the security deposit).

    Is there a contract to sign?

    A legally binding written contract would be in place, which would be sent in advance for you to fully inspect when making a rental enquiry.

    Are The Rental Charge Tax Deductible?

    As you would not own the vehicle during the rental period, the monthly payments are regarded as a direct business expense and are therefore fully tax deductible.

    Is VAT charged on the monthly rental?

    VAT is chargeable on the monthly rental figure at the prevailing rate specified by HMRC. However the VAT charges are fully recoverable if your business is registered for VAT.

    Who Rents Vehicles?

    We are pleased to have some of the UK’s leading award winning coach operators as our regular customers; some of whom return and rent from us year after year.

    These very high profile clients all fully appreciate the benefits and flexibility that vehicle rental can offer, particularly as an alternative when only requiring a seasonal hire, compared to incurring the costs of purchasing an additional vehicle and then having to dispose of it again after only a few months.

    Why should I rent instead of buying?

    By only having to pay a low security deposit and one months rental payment in advance, this provides an easy way to obtain an additional vehicle with a very low  initial cash outlay.

    Also in being able to return the vehicle at the end of the term, it also eliminates the risk of purchasing the totally wrong vehicle for your needs at the outset, which can then be even further compounded by the additional costs associated with trying to dispose of a vehicle which may also be very difficult to sell on.

    What is Bus / Coach Rental?

    As an alternative to purchasing a bus or coach you can rent (also known as lease or operating lease) the vehicle from us instead. You simply pay an initial deposit, followed by a monthly rental figure for the use of the vehicle throughout the specified rental period. At the end of the period, you then return the vehicle … or if you have taken a “rent to buy” rental, you decide whether to return or purchase the vehicle.